Ewyshki's appeal to European diplomats.

Ewyshki's appeal to European diplomats. Power is being held in Belarus today, on an illegal basis. A. #Lukashenko, with the help of power structures, is trying to retain his influence in #Belarus. You, as #European #diplomats, should negotiate with the legitimate government that the Belarusian #people have elected today - this is with the people's president Svetlana #Tikhanovskaya. You shouldn't sit down at the negotiating table with a "subhuman" who is ethnically alien to the Belarusian people. Which is a stranger for the Belarusian people. Who today committed genocide to the Belarusian people in the center of Europe. You must influence and prevent such bullying, such #aggression, such torture against the civilian #population, wherever it is, in whatever country this happens. See at last. Prevent the launch of the #Ostrovets nuclear power plant. Don't let the peaceful atom become a weapon in the hands of a mentally ill person. Apply all your #professional skills in conflict management in the heart of Europe. #Ewa.

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Вчера #живую #цепь белорусы создали во всех белорусских городах, а не только в самом #Минске. Вчера так же были задержаны журналисты «Радио свободы», простые граждане республики. Беларусь желает перемен.


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