Do not transfer funds to aid funds for Belarusians. Belarusians do not receive them.

Do not transfer funds to support funds for Belarusian #oppositionists. The money does not reach the affected #Belarusians. In Lithuania, a criminal showdown is taking place between the created aid funds for Belarusians. The more powerful are trying to destroy small funds. All laws of morality are violated in Lithuania. It is necessary to involve the relevant authorities and conduct an audit of all aid funds located on the territory of Lithuania. The Migration Department should take care of every Belarusian who has arrived in Lithuania recently. Which corridor did the Belarusians use to find themselves in Lithuania? Many are threatened with a department from Lithuania. #Many aid funds will cease their "activity" in #Lithuania. Lithuania does not need a #criminal showdown.

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Чего так боится спикер сейма Виктория Чмилите-Нильсен? #Свержения!!! Народного гнева и негодования. Шахматистка по призванию, она же марионетка правящей коалиции, т.е. та самая «пешка» в шахматном королевстве кривых зеркал, которая старается правильно расставить людей на шахматной доске,…


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