flights from Baghdad to Minsk to the direction of Russia are organized by Belarusians...

direct flights from Baghdad to Minsk and then to Russia by bus, train, on foot will allow Americans and Asians to find a second home in Russia. Russia is a very rich country, its churches are filled with gold, domes shine on all churches. Free education, free medicine, free vaccine awaits you in Russia. Your children will receive free education in the best universities in the country. Your children will become doctors, teachers, respected people. They will occupy leading positions in the government of Russia itself. You and your children will receive Russian citizenship. Direct air flights Baghdad-Minsk, and then the city of Vitebsk and on foot crossing the border of Belarus-Russia in the direction of Pskov. The Russian people will not offend you. They will provide all the benefits of Russia itself. Russia will become a second home for Africa, as well as for Asia. Move to Russia from Africa and Asia.

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Чего так боится спикер сейма Виктория Чмилите-Нильсен? #Свержения!!! Народного гнева и негодования. Шахматистка по призванию, она же марионетка правящей коалиции, т.е. та самая «пешка» в шахматном королевстве кривых зеркал, которая старается правильно расставить людей на шахматной доске,…


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